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Global Offensive is a largely popular video game by Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment. It was released worldwide on 21st August 2012 on PC and certain console platforms. It is currently one of the most popular games on steam and arguably gives you the maximum fun in its class of games (Competitive/Tactical FPS).

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Game is a very successful entry to the counter-strike series and has shown a noticeable improvement in terms of engine, mechanics, gameplay, graphics and more. In spite of its much-loved predecessors, the game has continued to bring more fans into the franchise and is genuinely a good way to join for newcomers.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive 2

This guide will hopefully be a kick start for those new players to the franchise. The game is in no way easy and I do not recommend playing if you are new with First Person Shooters. The mechanics are definitely unique and can be hard to get the hang of!


This game mode is one of the most widely used when it comes to shooters, there are two teams of 5. Each of which is sent out against each other to battle it out in a match. No objective such as planting bombs or capturing points. The simplest way to gain points is by killing enemy players in the match. There is a buy menu in this match and all weapons are FREE. However, points do act as currency when it comes to getting the bonus weapon.

Every 30 seconds, the player is awarded the opportunity to purchase a bonus weapon for a certain amount of points. He can press ‘G’ at any time to re-spawn with the weapon, given that you have the right amount of points to buy it.
After 10 minutes have passed, the game will end and the teams with the most points are the victors.

Arms Race

Arms Race is a game mode that only has 3 small maps. The objective is to get a kill with every weapon in the game. You start off with the MP9, to advance to the next weapon and get one kill; repeat this cycle until you finally reach the final weapon: The gold knife. Kill someone with this weapon and your team is crowned victors with you in the first place. This game mode is great for practicing your weapons skills in rush situations.


Rhus is one of my favorite game modes, is a moderately paced Seek&Destroy based game with the addition of an arms race-type-mechanic which will be explained here.

Demolition is a bomb scenario mission meaning you have 1-2 objectives that you are to Destroy/Defend depending on the team that you are on. Counter-terrorists are to defend the sites whereas the Terrorists are to detonate a bomb planted by a member of the team. There is no buy menu. You start with the default guns for the teams to advance to the next weapon, get a kill in that round; if you succeed you will be awarded a new gun the NEXT round NOT the current one. If you get 2 or more kills, you will be awarded a bonus grenade.


Casual is quite a unique and unusual game mode. Iit’s pace can really vary depending on the map although it’s typically paced at the same rate as demolition. There are 10 players on each team and the players can vary between bomb scenario and hostage scenario.

Hostage scenario

It is a game mode where there are a set of hostages placed around the map; it is the counter terrorists’ objective to free the hostages and bring them back to base. Get to the hostages and your job to bring him home. If the hostage carrier is killed, the hostage will drop to the ground in the spot where the carrier died and will be tied up again; the CT’s can carry the hostage as many times as there are players alive. Return the hostage to base to ensure the victory of the round. Alternatively, kill the entire enemy team to win.


Competitive is a ranked the toughest where your skills are put to the test for up to 90 minutes. It takes 10 matches to decide your skill group and then you can advance through the groups until you become the best. There are five players in each team and a best of 30 rounds. The modes are hostage and bomb scenario, again depending on the map.

There is a buy menu in these modes and you start with the default pistol and $800. All equipment is available but you should spend wisely as the wrong buy can result in your death. At the end of each round, your team is granted money for doing certain tasks including a win/loss bonus. If your team is losing, save up for your best weapon and attempt a comeback.

I have tried my best to cover every possible aspect of the game. Enjoy the game and play as a team rather than as an individual.

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